24th Conference on Isoprenoids, Białystok, September 9-12, 2018

The pdf-version of the Conference Program is available for downloading here. (update Sept. 4, 2018)



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(Sept. 12)

 Ibis Styles Hotel University of Białystok CampusIbis Styles Hotel
8:15 - 8:30 

8:15 - Departure of the conference bus

from Ibis Styles Hotel to the Campus

8:15 - Departure of the conference bus

from Ibis Styles Hotel to the Campus

Ludger A. Wessjohann

Metabolic profiling based discovery of new isoprenoids, mode of action and (bio-)synthesis of derivatives

8:30 - 8:45REGISTRATION 
8:45 - 9:00

Masayuki Inoue

Radical-based approach for synthesis of  complex natural products

Martin A. Iglesias-Arteaga

Synthesis and some properties of symmetrical,  unsymmetrical and hybrid steroid dimers

9:00 - 9:15Conference Opening
9:15 - 9:30

Erick M. Carreira

New strategies for the synthesis of isoprostanoids and accompanying studies of their biology

Vladimir Khripach

Recent advances in brassinosteroid research

Zdzisław Paryzek

Steroidal dimers, macrocycles and conjugates based on bile acid scaffolds

9:30 - 9:45
 9:45 - 10:00

Adriaan J. Minnaard

Tuberculosinyl adenosine; an isoprenoid that makes Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenic

Barbara Bednarczyk-Cwynar 

Current approach in synthesis of triterpenoid dimers

10:00 - 10:15

Alain Tissier

Engineering plant diterpenoid pathways in yeast:
increasing yield and expanding product diversity

Sergazy M. Adekenov

Bimolecular compounds based on the natural sesquiterpene lactones

10:15 - 10:30

Pingping Tang

Total synthesis of schilancitrilactones B, C and fluorine chemistry

10:30 - 10:45

Thomas B. Poulsen

Syntheses of the strongylophorines

10:45 - 11:00COFFEE BREAK

Jeroen S. Dickschat

Tracing terpenes with isotopes

11:00 - 11:15COFFEE BREAK
11:15 - 11:30

Miguel A. Maestro 

Design and synthesis of active and selective
vitamin D analogs

Stanisław Witkowski

Convergent synthesis of vitamin K2 (MK-7)

11:30 - 11:45

Andreas Koeberle

Ω-oxidized terpenoids: from traditional African medicine to novel insights into human vitamin physiology

11:45- 12:00

Rafał R. Siciński

Novel 19-norvitamin D compounds with elongated substituents at C-2 or C-26

Jacek Ścianowski 

New benzisoselenazol-3(2H)-ones N-functionalized with terpene skeletons 

12:00 - 12:15

Ang Li

Total synthesis of polycyclic natural product

Michał Michalak   

NHCCuX-catalyzed Friedländer-type annulation of fluorinated aminophenones with alkynes on water. Unexpected dibenzodiazocine formation

12:15 - 12:30

Dmitry Dovbnya

Efficient production of hexahydroindanone derivatives by bioconversion of phytosterol with mutants of Mycobacterium smegmatis

12:30 - 12:45

Yulia A. Volkova  

A strategic development toward functionalized extranuclear heterosteroids diversity

Kinga Kuczyńska 

Transformation of betulin core

12:45 - 13:00

Piotr Przybylski  

Basket-like lactam macrolides – modifications and structure–activity relationship studies

13:00 - 13:15GROUP PHOTO
13:15 - 13:30LUNCH

Pavel Nagorny

Convergent total synthesis and biological studies of cardiotonic steroid

13:30 - 13:45
13:45 - 14:00

Kenji Mori

Recent results in pheromone synthesis

Tomáš  Zimmermann 

Targeted phorbol derivatives toward cancers

14:00 - 14:15

Sergey M. Khomutov

The effect of cyclodextrins on oxidation of DHEA by fungal laccase

14:15 - 14:30

A visit to Professor A. Myrcha 

Natural Science Museum 

(University of Białystok Campus)

Vladimir I. Kalinin

Uncommon aglycones of sea cucumber triterpene glycosides. Structure, biosynthesis, evolution

Eva Kudova   

S.M.A.R.T. Steroids: Steroidal Molecules As Rapid-acting Therapeutics

14:30 - 14:45

Shingo Nagano  

Crystal structures of an indole prenyltransferase, IptA: implications for substrate tolerance and its expansion

14:45 - 15:00

Giovanni B. Appendino

Cannabinoquinoids: synthesis and biological profile

Biao Yu

Total synthesis of echinoside A, a representative triterpene glycoside of sea cucumbers

15:00 - 15:15
15:15 - 15:30

Alaksiej L. Hurski

Phytosterols and steroidal human metabolites as targets for testing new synthetic strategies

Timofey V. Malyarenko  

Unusual starfish steroidal glycosides: structure and biological activity

Izabella Jastrzębska 

New selenoorganic reagents in steroid chemistry

15:30 - 15:45

Volodymyr S. Kravets 

Brassinosteroids in regulation of plant metabolism

Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati

Plasticity of the isoprenoid moiety in phytocannabinoids

15:45 - 16:00

Miroslav Strnad

New  isoprenoid cytokinins exhibiting interesting biological activities




16:00 - 16:15


(Ibis Styles Hotel)










Douglas F. Covey

Luis M. and Mary Fieser Memorial Lecture

Neurosteroid click chemistry for ligand-gated ion channels

16:15 - 16:30

Vladimir  Zhabinskii 

New azole derivatives of [17(20)E]-21-norpregnene: synthesis and inhibition of prostate carcinoma cell growth

16:30 - 16:45

Yury V. Kuznetsov

New steroidal estrogen receptor modulators. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation

16:45 - 17:00Veli-Pekka Hyttinen - SciFinder

17:00 - Departure of the conference bus

from the Campus for excursion

Conference Closing
17:00 - 17:15CAS COFFEE BREAK






17:15 - 17:30

17:25 - Departure of the special bus

from Ibis Styles Hotel to the Bialystok railway station

17:30 - 17:45

Hidayat Hussain

New strategies to identify new chemical diversity for drug development


17:45 - 18:00
18:00 - 18:15

Rita Skoda-Földes

Application of ionic liquid in the synthesis
of steroid derivatives

18:15- 18:30
18:30 - 18:45

Oldrich  Lapcik 

Immunoassay of anabolic steroids

18:45 - 19:00

Mihalj  Poša 

Peculiar selfassociation of sodium isoursodeoxycholate in water: H bonds in the primary micelles

19:00 - 19:30


(Ibis Styles Hotel)

19:10 - Departure of the conference bus

from the Campus to Ibis Styles Hotel

19:30 - 21:30


(Ibis Styles Hotel)

21:30 - 23:00