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The following scientists already accepted our invitation to present a lecture at the conference:


Giovanni B. Appendino (IT) - Cannabinoquinoids: synthesis and biological profile

Erick M. Carreira (CH) - New strategies for the synthesis of isoprostanoids and accompanying studies of their biology

Douglas F. Covey (US) - Neurosteroid click chemistry for ligand-gated ion channels

Jeroen S. Dickschat (DE) - Tracing terpenes with isotopes

Alaksiej L. Hurski (BY) - Phytosterols and steroidal human metabolites as targets for testing new synthetic strategies

Hidayat Hussain (DE) - New strategies to identify new chemical diversity for drug development

Martin A. Iglesias-Arteaga (MX) - Synthesis and some properties of symmetrical, unsymmetrical and hybrid steroid dimers

Masayuki Inoue (JP) - Radical-based approach for synthesis of  complex natural products

Vladimir I. Kalinin (RU) - Uncommon aglycones of sea cucumber triterpene glycosides. Structure, biosynthesis, evolution

Vladimir Khripach (BY) - Recent advances in brassinosteroid research

Andreas Koeberle (DE) - Ω-oxidized terpenoids: from traditional African medicine to novel insights into human vitamin physiology

Ang Li (CN) - Total synthesis of polycyclic natural products

Miguel A. Maestro (ES) - Design and synthesis of active and selective vitamin D analogs

Adriaan J. Minnaard (NL) - Tuberculosinyl adenosine; an isoprenoid that makes Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenic

Kenji Mori (JP) - Recent results in pheromone synthesis

Pavel Nagorny (US) - Convergent total synthesis and biological studies of cardiotonic steroid

Zdzisław Paryzek (PL) - Steroidal dimers, macrocycles and conjugates based on bile acid scaffolds

Thomas B. Poulsen (DK) - Syntheses of the strongylophorines

Rita Skoda-Földes (HU) - Application of ionic liquid in the synthesis of steroid derivatives

Rafał R. Siciński (PL) - Novel 19-norvitamin D compounds with elongated substituents at C-2 or C-26

Miroslav Strnad (CZ) - New  isoprenoid cytokinins exhibiting interesting biological activities

Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati (IT) - Plasticity of the isoprenoid moiety in phytocannabinoids

Pingping Tang (CN) - Total synthesis of schilancitrilactones B, C and fluorine chemistry

Alain Tissier (DE) - Engineering plant diterpenoid pathways in yeast: increasing yield and expanding product diversity

Ludger A. Wessjohann (DE) - Metabolic profiling based discovery of new isoprenoids, mode of action and (bio-)synthesis of derivatives

Stanisław Witkowski (PL) -  Convergent synthesis of vitamin K2 (MK-7)

Biao Yu (CN) - Total synthesis of echinoside A, a representative triterpene glycoside of sea cucumbers

source: UwB